Deaf Baby Hears Sister’s Voice For The First Time And Cannot Stop Laughing

January 29, 2019 VIDEOS

A heartwarming moment is captured on camera when a deaf baby hears sister’s voice for the very first time. Baby Scarlet has struggled with hearing since birth. At three months premature, Scarlet was born with intestinal issues. She received antibiotic treatment but doctors later realized that it negatively impacted her hearing.

Today, this sweet girl is at the Atlanta Hearing Associates, in Georgia, to receive a hearing aid. Just watch this incredible moment as she sits on her mom’s lap and the device is turned on. Scarlet’s older sister stands in front of her and starts to speak. Almost immediately, this sweet baby starts to smile and giggle.

That is when Scarlet’s mother is overcome with emotion at seeing her baby hear clearly for the very first time. The family had no idea just how bad her hearing truly was until this moment. She reacted to sound in the past, but never anything like this.


I just cannot get over that uncontrollable laughter. Scarlet is obviously a big fan of her sister and that joy is truly contagious. This must have been the sweetest sound this mother has ever heard. It is so sweet to watch this special moment unfold right in front of our eyes.

I am so glad that Scarlet is able to experience some of life’s amazing sounds, such as the voice of her big sister. Now this memory is recorded and can be cherished for years to come. Who else is smiling so big right now?

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