Dangerous Alligator Gets Super Close to Young Boy. Then Fearless Cat Springs into Action

February 9, 2018 VIDEOS


We generally are aware that cats possess the characteristic of being curious. The truth of the matter is that this is not the only quality they have, as they are also known to be brave and never be scared. Though this is the case, there are some people who do not believe that. If you are one of them, here is a proof that they indeed are.

In the clip below, we meet a cat by the name of Mugsy. When a small boy was walking past two alligators, Mugsy had to intervene to make sure he was safe from them. It can be seen how the cat springs forward to face the alligator, something that makes the alligator retreat back into the water. The entire episode was luckily filmed by one guy who happened to be nearby.

Mugsy had to stay firm though many have commented that it was risky for him to do so as alligators are very dangerous animals to deal with. Were it not for the camera man who had to involuntarily utter words of being shocked, making the cat scared, we would have had the opportunity of seeing a fight of its own kind.

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