Daddy Calls Her A “Princess” But Her Snappy Comeback Has Him Doubling Over In Laughter

October 11, 2018 VIDEOS


When you have Katy Perry on your side, that must mean you’re onto something. Well, this sweet little toddler named JoJo Lomelino, received the support of Katy and many more when she told Dad exactly why she wasn’t a princess. Now her sassy comments are going viral – and once you hear her explanation as to why she can’t be a princess and he’s wrong to call her one, you’ll be rolling on the floor with the rest of us.

According to JoJo, several things set her apart from princesses. After demanding Dad’s silence, JoJo explains she can’t be royalty because they have long, elegant gowns. All she has is a pink cotton dress. The hilarious toddler goes on, “They have prettier dresses than this! And they have, like, dress-up ones!” Then, she goes on to tell Dad he can’t call her a princess because they have “sparkly bracelets.” This bracelet problem seems to be the biggest issue for JoJo! How could she possibly be a princess if she doesn’t have ANY bracelets, Dad?

After detailing the bracelet issue, JoJo said that there’s also a concern when it comes to princess headbands. We’re not exactly sure what headbands she’s talking about – but JoJo needs them if Dad wants to call her a princess! This silly conversation goes for quite a bit before Dad walks away defeated. JoJo isn’t a princess after all. Take a peek at this pointed toddler discussion for yourself in the video below. If she’s this spirited as a little girl, we can only imagine what she’ll be like as a teen!

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