Dad Who Went Viral Is Back And His New Spine-Chilling Performance Has Whole Internet Utterly Speechless

February 14, 2018 VIDEOS


There are many people all over the world who possess impressive talents and have yet to be discovered and they will absolutely find the chance to shine. That’s the same thing that happened with dad Kris Jones. Kris was driving one day with his daughter, and while he was singing, his daughter went ahead and filmed the whole thing. That video spread like wildfire in few days.

People agreed that Kris has one of the most amazing voices ever heard. We’re glad his daughter shared the video so we can enjoy his incredible voice. In that video, Kris sang ‘Tennesee Whisky’ which it since racked up over 40 million views!

Now Kris is back at it again. This time, With a relaxed white t-shirt, he sits at a stool with only one instrument in the background. The chill scene perfectly showcases his voice, and allows it to take the spotlight. He chose to sing Brett Jones hit ‘ In Case You Didn’t Know’ and when you listen you won’t be disappointed at all. The moment he begins singing, he leaves us searching for words.

Kris really is a hidden talent and were all lucky that his daughter decided to film him one day, now the world has the chance to listen to his amazing voice.

Watch the performance in the video below:

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