Dad Tells Dog To Sit On His Lap To Sled. But What Dog Does Instead Has Family Burst Out Laughing

February 11, 2018 VIDEOS


There is probably no one who gets more excited to see snow than our dogs. They can’t wait to go out and sled riding. But the dog we’re about to watch in the video below has a funny and weird way to join his owners in the fun. His unexpected move has the whole family burst out laughing!

Mom and dad with their two-year-old boy are about to sled riding. Their dog with them too started to take interest in the new activity. Dad tells his dog to sit on his lap to take a ride, but the dog is not sure about at first and hesitate a little bit.

That’s when he made the funny move, he suddenly turned behind his dad and instantly jumped on his back! They can’t help but laughing at the hilarious scene – It’s actually safer! the dog’s witty! You can hear mom laughing hard behind the camera and tells dad to “do it like that!”

The dog looks ecstatic to take a ride down the hill, and when it’s over, he’s ready to do it all again! The dog is the first one to start running back up the hill, and he keeps looking back to make sure dad is tagging along. Too funny!

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