Dad Is Sad Over Missing Dog. 2 Years Later, A Stranger Asks Him To Look Behind His Garage Door

May 22, 2018 VIDEOS


Sam and Julio brought Duke home in 2012. Duke was a nice dog, and these two brothers loved him. In fact, Duke and Julio grew to be best friends, but then something really heartbreaking happened. One day, Julio allowed Duke to go outside and the dog disappeared!

They searched for him for months, but no word of him hit them. Months passed, years passed. In 2016, Julio got a call!

David Walker has a ranch in Navasota. In March 2016, he went to look around, and that’s when he spotted this Great Dane watching him from behind the garage. The dog was friendly, so David took him to the vet and had his micro-chip scanned. They found the owner, and that’s when David called Julio. Perfect!

The brothers drove 350 miles down Oklahoma to Navasota to reunite with their canine friend. The moment the dog heard the sound of the car engine, he knew! After a whole 2 years!

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