Dad Films Giggling Toddler When Family Dog Approaches Prompting Outcome Dad Didn’t Foresee

February 8, 2019 VIDEOS


If I would have to name two of the most adorable, sweet and lovable creatures in the world, I would absolutely say two words: “dogs” and “babies”! I mean who doesn’t love them, right? Babies can do no wrong even when they are just sitting in a corner nibbling on their own fingers. And dogs are sweet creatures that remind you that pets aren’t just animals they can be friends and family, too.

One particular video has gone viral recently lately of a funny yet totally adorable interaction between a dog and a toddler. In this footage, 18-month-old Andonis Antonakis is giggling uncontrollably because of a pooch’s hilarious antics. It’s extremely adorable to watch and the toddler’s laughter is so infectious!


The pooch, named Brooklyn, aged three, is a very bouncy and lively pet that loves to play around. However, not all people that meet him get to experience his fun side as he is mostly afraid of everything-everything, except kids.

Her human mom, Jennie, who is a resident of Marina Del Rey, California, has known Brooklyn’s behavior towards her kids for quite some time and it’s for that reason that she loves her pup. One time, they were lucky enough to capture her son and Brooklyn’s funny encounter on camera and mom couldn’t resist sharing the adorable footage with the rest of the world.


In the funny video, Brooklyn is amped up and running around, going to Andonis to kiss his nose, then running away again. He repeats this over and over again and all the while, the little boy just laughs and giggles because he’s really enjoying the front seat show!

Brooklyn really enjoyed entertaining the little boy and it’s obvious to see by the wide mouthed grin across her face. Her son giggled uncontrollably as he enjoyed the dog’s hilarious act. Clearly, the little boy and Brooklyn have a close relationship and really enjoy being together.


This little kid’s really having fun and you simply shouldn’t miss it!

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