Dachshund Goes Bonkers On Trampoline While His Friends Cheer Him On From The Side

December 4, 2018 VIDEOS


This is Toby. He is a Dachshund, or more colloquially known as a wiener dog. With a long body and short little legs, this is a hound-type dog breed, also known as badger dogs. These cute and cuddly canines are full of personality and a sense of discovery, as exhibited by Toby’s lust for life and hilarious running around on the trampoline.

What’s extra adorable about this video is the other two spectators cheering for Toby. They are on the sidelines and although they aren’t running around, they are eagerly looking at their friend, with their tails wagging. It’s almost as though at the beginning, they were all on the side, and they had a conversation amongst themselves trying to sort out who’s brave enough to test the unchartered territory of this black bouncy land ahead of them. Toby was voted, and after he gets over the initial fear, he’s loving every second of it! Every time he “tests the waters” and comes back to his friends, he’s trying to prove to them that “Hey! It’s safe! And it’s fun! Come on, guys!” to which his companions would rather not participate and just watch him have all the fun!

This whole video is just too cute. Click below to watch these three little stooges try to figure out what this strange contraption is.

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