Cute Kitten Being Tickled Is Too Adorable For Words!

January 14, 2017 VIDEOS


When you see this video, you are going to quickly be able to see why this little one has become a favorite at Noah’s Ark Rescue & Sanctuary in Tarleton, Preston, Lancashire. When she was born, it was quickly discovered she could barely open her mouth. She needs special liquid food so she can eat but her rescuers are taking very good care of her. In this video, she is enjoying being tickled and it is so adorable to see!

This little one might have a disability but she is not letting that get to her. She enjoys the fun playtime with her caregivers and it is so fun to see her. Each time she is tickled, her little paws go up in the air. What a sweetie she is! This video is sure to send you into cuteness overload so make sure you watch. Please SHARE on Facebook so others can enjoy.

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