This Cute Dog Chooses His Bed Time. Watch Him Sleeping

August 9, 2017 VIDEOS


Remo is an indolent bulldog, and he loves getting his preferred bedtime. He does not want to be disturbed by others when he is sleeping. In the recording below his master did not understand this note, Do Not Disturb. He is making efforts to wake him up quietly. Although he in no way opens his eyes, he shoves her hand away every time she makes an attempt to touch his face.

You will not imagine how sweet this pup looks when trying to grasp some zzz’s. All he needs to do is have his eyes closed and have fun with his cute sleep. Is that too much to request? Remo is too sweet for words so ensure you have a good time with him while it is appropriate. Whereas he may be missing liveliness and interest, he compensates it in the cutest way he slumbers.

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