Couple Think Their Dog Is Being Helpful. When They Discover… What A Pity

July 2, 2017 VIDEOS


For considering other people’s needs, a couple together with a trainer from texas, decided to turn their Golden Retriever to become a therapy dog. After Paris, the dog, finished the training, Brad Galbreath and his wife Courtney couple had hope that the dog would go and help the needy.

Brad said that by giving away the dog they thought to have done a wonderful thing, although it wasn’t east to let the dog go.

After 10 years passed, they received a call from SPCA of Texas. Among the 72 dogs that were saved from a home of an Ellis County woman, their golden retriever was among them. From the reports of WFAA News, apart from the 72 rescued animals, 20 others were found dead at that home, and the woman is now facing charges of being cruel to animals.

Brad was shocked because he had not heard her name for 10 years now.
It was the microchip that Paris had which made it possible for the officials to locate her first home. Currently she is back home, although she had undergone a lot of hardship.

Brad commented that her face was still the same although she seemed a little bit older. Also, she was going to be with them till the last day of their lives.

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