Couple Meets A Dog off the coast of Mexico and Changes Their Lives

August 3, 2020 VIDEOS


A touching video appeared online a few days ago about a couple who met a special friend on the beach during a visit to Mexico.

There, every day, I visited their dog, which, as the adventurers thought, had no home.

The Dodo.Youtube

That’s why they fed him every day, they even called the veterinarians who looked after the puppy. Time passed tirelessly, and that day the love of adventurers for the dog grew.

In recent days, they learned that the dog has its own home, but its owner is very poor. He makes a living fishing and often lacks money for food and medicine for his dogs. He told the travelers that they could take the dog with them, so it would definitely improve his life.

And they did take him aboard their RV, where they share with two more dogs. Check out a touching video of a couple falling in love with a dog on a beach in Mexico.

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