Couple Celebrate Last Anniversary Together Not Knowing Kids Secret Scheme Behind Their Backs

November 10, 2018 Videos

Sometimes love doesn’t work the first time around in a marriage. Whether it’s disagreements, money or more serious concerns – a failed marriage can deter anyone from starting a new relationship. But for two divorced people named Joe and Carol, they had no idea they would find the love of their life the second time around.

29 years ago Joe and Carol decided to tie the knot. Together, the two became a blended family of 7, with children from past relationships. As the years passed the children soon became aware of what a loving relationship looked like because that’s what their parents exhibited. Carol’s daughter Carrie was only 12 when her stepdad Joe came into the picture but she states, “Their relationship is something everyone would strive for.” The kids knew they were lucky to have such loving and devoted parents to care and look after them and they never took it for granted.

Fast forward years later and unfortunately sickness was about to strike upon their lives when Joe was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer in 2016. The family was heartbroken. Things took a more serious turn when the family learned his condition was far too gone; soon being told Joe should be moved to hospice. When the family learned his grave diagnosis they were devastated, but soon set out to spend as much time with their dad and make the best of the time they had left together. As Joe and Carol’s 29th wedding anniversary fast approached, the kids secretly set up a surprise for their parents to make it the best one yet. That’s because this anniversary would more than likely be the couples last. The second Joe and Carol learned what it was, both were brought to tears by the heartwarming gesture. Watch the touching surprise for yourself in the video below. We wish the family all the best during this time.

Source: Sharetap/Inside Edition

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