Cosmo the Saint Brenard Finds a New Home

March 6, 2020 VIDEOS


Cosmo is a Saint Brenard dog who was put up for adoption by his breeder. He is an enormous dog, weighing 130 pounds. Cosmo is experiencing his new life as part of a family with much excitement, as well as other dogs in his new family to keep him company. He has never lived in a home prior to his new adoption and the adjustment will take him some time.

He also met the children that will play with him for many years. As the first week progressed, Cosmo learned a lot about his new family and how to be part of a family. As the first couple months passed, Cosmo learned to live in the house and has established some daily routines with his family. The video promotes the Hearts United for Animals organization and encourages watchers to adopt a new family member at a local animal shelter.

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