Color illusion: How many pale green squares do you see?

May 7, 2019 VIDEOS


Even the best eyesight can sometimes be deceiving! Optical illusions of various sorts can influence our perception. For instance, if you look at a spiral for a long time, it will seem to start moving. Or, if you look at a small dot on a white sheet, at a certain point, it will blend with the background. All these are examples of a mere illusion.

But if you sometimes challenge yourself to tasks that put your eyesight and concentration to the test, then it will be even useful!

The best tasks for this are color recognition puzzles. Now, we offer you to try one of them. Let’s get started!


Have you examined well?

If you stare at it for a long time, the colors start to blur!

Are you ready to give the answer?

Last chance to think!

So, here’s the answer.


As you can see, the difference in shades is not very noticeable, but the trick is that the longer you look the more the colors merge and appear the same. Then it will be even more difficult to see the distinction. Did you manage to count the pale green squares correctly? Tell us in the comments and share this task with your friends. Let them try themselves too!

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