Cockatoo Wants To Go Outside But Mom Says No, Throws Epic Temper Tantrum

October 14, 2018 VIDEOS


I don’t know what’s worse, your three-year-old having a meltdown and talking back at you, or your pet Cockatoo. Chances are they both could bite, so I guess it’s neck and neck. If you’re looking for a laugh, then check out this insanely funny video of a woman totally freaking out as her pet Cockatoo, Eric, goes bananas.

For whatever reason, Eric throws a tantrum by tossing out all of his mom’s change. He’s pacing back and forth, grunting and growling, as he picks up coins and slings them over the side of the shelf that he’s standing on. His mom is not impressed. I don’t know what’s more funny, his meltdown or hers!

And it gets better! As she’s scolding him, he’s talking back to her! What on earth could have set this little guy off??? And who knew Cockatoos had so much attitude!? Goes to show you should never underestimate the capacity for an animal to have feelings or to throw an absolute fit when they don’t get their way. But hey, at least Eric is keeping things interesting right!

What do you think set Eric off? Watch the full video below.

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