Cockatoo Tries Desperately To Befriend Cat.. But When He Lifts His Paw Up

May 22, 2018 VIDEOS


Anyone who has a Cockatoo or seen one will tell you that those creatures are really smart. They’ll also tell you that if you’re planning to have a “bad mouth” moment, don’t do it in the presence of a smart Cockatoo. It could get ugly afterwards when the bird starts telling everyone what you said!

Cockatoos are cute. They look lovely and “optically pleasant.” Well, you can agree that they share some traits with felines. If you think cats are cute, you can’t help but agree that Cockatoos are, too!

Now, what if these two special species “ganged up” to hit you with some cuteness overload that you couldn’t resist?

The answer to that is this cool clip. Here’s a Cockatoo that seems interested in making a good friend out of a cute little cat. To make that happen, the bird comes up with a plan. Now you want to see what happens next!

Just click on the video and watch the whole cute episode as Cali tries to befriend Maine Coon. You’ll be in love!

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