Playful Pup Crashes Church Service And Brazilian Priest Has The Perfect Response

July 16, 2019 VIDEOS


A priest from Brazil showed his understanding of animals last month. All this during the church ceremony when a puppy got into the church!

A dog visited the holy place without the owner, and immediately upon entering the church, he ran to one of the priests.

On the Facebook social network, a video clip from the city of Belo Horizonte was expanded when a dog approached a priest in the church. The priest José Geraldo Sobreira, with his response, circled the world in an instant and delighted many animal lovers!

Even if a puppy should not be in the church, the priest was willing to play with him. To date, the video has reached over 7 million views!

Look at the wonderful scene from the church when all the attention together with the priest was stolen by a lovely puppy. Bravo to the priest for such a wonderful move!
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Source: klipland

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