Cat Lying on the Floor Appears to Be Sick, But What He’s Really Doing Has the Internet Cracking Up

March 5, 2018 VIDEOS


It’s normal to feel lazy from time to time. Humans are not the only ones who find themselves in such situations – animals are also victims of similar circumstances. Cats are the major culprits when it comes to laziness but the one within this video takes it to another level!

The cat over here wants to relax but at the same time she’s feeling thirsty. The drinking water is placed in her bowl and wants to come up with a plan of drinking it while still on the floor. She decides to put her paw into the bowl for water to trickle into her mouth. When I first had a look at what she was doing, I thought she had some form of disability was very weak until I realized what she had in mind… brilliance at its best!

This is a cat who knows how to survive. Seems like she might need someone to feed her today?

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