Canine Gets Suspicious Of An Approaching Toy, His Reaction Will Put You To The Floor

July 18, 2017 VIDEOS


For one, dogs trust humans. However, when a dog isn’t protecting the humans, the animal minds its own business until something comes up and tugs at its core protective instincts. What’s happening in this video is one such scenario, but with much more hilarity!

Eowyn,the Corgi, is relaxing, but then his attention is captured by something approaching him. Sensing intention, Eowyn braces for a confrontation. However, he has to first figure out what the heck this strange thing is and if it’s hostile to his security, so he uses his natural wits. He growls and snarls at the thing that doesn’t seem scared by his “warnings.”

You must see this and laugh your lungs out. Turns out, it’s the dog owner just steering a toy towards the dog. This is so funny you’ll want to SHARE with everyone!

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