This Canine Decided To Demand Attention By Stealing A Phone. Now This Is Too Hilarious

July 18, 2017 VIDEOS


After this, you might want to make sure you always give your dog enough attention. That little “fella” might demand it in a very unorthodox manner, and it could cost you!

You’re introduced to this cute canine that doesn’t like it when his owner acts like he doesn’t want to play. For one, this dog wants to play, but this guy is busy doing stuff on his phone, so the canine hatches a plan to steer the big human into play-mode. His plan? You can’t miss this!

So the canine walks up the man, snatches his phone and runs. You would expect that, since the dog is a Golden Retriever, he would just “jog” around and then bring the phone back. Well, you’re wrong!

If this owner wants his phone back, he has to play!

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