Camera Hidden In Tree Trunk Captures Moment With Mother Squirrel Giving Birth

May 7, 2019 VIDEOS


Three weeks ago, a wonderful video came on the web, leaving many without words. The authors saw a squirrel in the trunk of a tree one day, so they set up a hidden camera there.

What it captured in the last period left them speechless and will surely impress you too!

In the video we can see a squirrel, which was expecting puppies. Inside the trunk, the camera captured a beautiful scene as the squirrel family rose.

But the coming of puppies to the world is not the only thing that can be seen in a video.

The squirrel babies grew up, and at the end authors of the video shared a number of scenes when the small squirrels were already jumping out of the safe spot on their own.

Take a look at the beautiful scenes from the squirrel’s nest, where the enthusiasm is not lacking. Feel free to share this wonderful video clip among friends so they can also see how the squirrel family looks today…

Source: klipland

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