Bus Drivers from Italy Demonstrate Their Excellent Driving Skills

June 21, 2020 VIDEOS


Most drivers do not have full confidence in their driving skills, so they face a lot of resistance on narrow streets and roads.

On the other hand, there are many professional drivers among us who are amazed at their knowledge and driving experience.

Arcadian Forge.Youtube

According to a video from Italy, a passenger from a bus drove along a dangerous road through the Amalfi coast in southern Naples. The place is crowded with tourists, and the road is very narrow, so two buses almost never meet.

Bus drivers, on the other hand, show themselves again and again when they meet each other. Smart maneuverability and driving skills allow you to continue your journey.

Watch a video of a bus driver on the Amalfi Coast meeting other drivers on a very narrow and dangerous road. Take off your hat for such a trip!

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