Brutal Demonstration Of A Dead Wolf Eel’s Strength

June 11, 2019 VIDEOS

Yes, you read it right. Dead fish can also be very dangerous. A video clip was released on the web in which authors showed the brutal power of the wolf eel.

They are the part of the Anarhichadidae family of “wolf fishes”, and the name “wolf eel” was obtained mainly due to its shape resembling an eel.

In a video clip that has circled the web these days, we can see a dead wolf eel during meal preparation. The authors noted that the dead fish can also be very dangerous, as certain senses still work after its death.

The brutal power of the deceased animal was shown as they placed full can of Coca-Cola inside its mouth.

See what was the result of their experiment! Another proof is that it’s not smart to touch dead animals.

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