He Broke Up With His Girlfriend, But The Dog Had Other Ideas…

August 9, 2017 VIDEOS


Love rules the world, but there are many types of love. You couldbe in a relationship with a human, but that doesn’t clog up the heart to block out the love of a good pet. That’s a bare fact!

Besides a kid or kids, a couple may keep a pet that also shares in the joys and tribulation of the relationship. That puts the pet in a very enviable position to receive love from all sides!

So, what happens when the lovers split up? The video below tells a man’s story after he got dumped by his girlfriend. When that happened, he decided to dedicate his better actions to loving and raising his pet, a cool Saint Bernard canine. Now watch and see what transpires over time. When the 22 puppies show up make a stampede in the house, you’ll fall in love!

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