Bride Tosses Bouquet To Women But It’s A Different Guest’s Reaction That Has Everyone In Stitches

September 24, 2018 Videos

There are many events that take place during a wedding reception that could be considered traditional. For some, things like the bride and groom dance and cutting of the cake are must have activities for a couple’s special day. One popular ritual that’s been around for years is the bouquet toss. But in many cases it can lead to some pretty hilarious outcomes – just like in the video below.

It all started after Chelsea and Matt Best’s wedding in Northamptonshire. At one point during the reception the bride gathered all the single ladies in the crowd for the bouquet toss. As legend goes, the lucky lady who catches the bouquet is the next to get married – which is why it can become a feisty event! Once the ladies were ready Chelsea turned around and threw the flowers over her shoulder…

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