Boy On End Gives Girl Kiss During Talent Skit But She Fires With Comeback Leaving Everyone In Laughter

September 13, 2018 VIDEOS


With millions of American children back in school, the exciting moments of walking into a classroom for the first time, chatting with friends during lunch and performing during school talent shows come racing back into our minds. That nostalgia for the glory days of middle and high school may be the reason why this talent show performance is going viral online. Seven students from Apollo High School got together to create a skit that will definitely go down in history for its comedic genius. Even though they’re just teenagers, these talent show champions sure know how to captivate a crowd.

The act begins with five of the seven students sitting down in a “movie theater” aisle for a screening of Lion King. Just as the movie begins, the spotlight follows a lovey-dovey couple as they approach the aisle. Unfortunately, there aren’t any seat together, and they’re forced to sit on opposite sides of the row. No matter! The boyfriend devises a plan to show his date affection still while being separated by five focused movie-goers. There’s no way he could let a few measly chairs ruin their special evening!

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