Blind Abandoned Goat Learns to Live And Love With Her New Family

May 6, 2018 VIDEOS


Soledad Goats is a safe haven for goats that have been abandoned by their owners. This video showcases a special goat that was given to the farm just after her birth. Unfortunately, she went through a rough delivery and the amniotic fluid burned her eyes, causing her to become blind. Her past owners did not understand what was wrong with her and did not want her. The farm owners named her Hope because this sweetheart had plenty of it!

This video is so touching to watch because it shows Hope’s transition from being a newborn to celebrating her third birthday. Seeing her learn how to run and recognize her name will touch your heart. This sweet little goat is truly a walking miracle because she was not expected to survive birth. What a joy she has become for her owners! If you find Hope to be truly special, Please SHARE on Facebook so your friends can enjoy the video.

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