Billy Gilman And Kelly Clarkson Team Up For The Voice Finale

January 14, 2017 VIDEOS


Billy Gilman may not have won The Voice 2016, but he is surely a winner in the eyes of his fans! In this video, he is performing with the beautifully talented Kelly Clarkson and they are singing “It’s Quiet Downtown” from the Hamilton mixtape. The way they perform together is so soothing to the ears and it is a joy to watch them. Maybe they will have a project together in the future.

Make sure you watch this amazing performance so you can enjoy the high level of talent. Both of them sing with such emotion, this song is sure to touch your heart! Both of them did a phenomenal job on their performance. Kelly Clarkson enjoyed being able to work with Billy Gilman and it is amazing how well their voices melded together! This is one of the best performances that has been seen on The Voice. Check it out and Please SHARE on Facebook.

The Voice

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