Stray Cat With Missing Ears Finally Finds Forever Home After Getting A Pair Of Crocheted Ears

January 31, 2020 VIDEOS


Humans are visual creatures. When looking at someone or something, we critique, we form opinions, and we often make decisions off those judgments. Even when we go to adopt a pet, we do these same things. We tend to want to adopt the animal that’s the most attractive – shiny fur, clean coat without missing patches of hair, happy eyes, proportionate limbs, and a body that’s neither too slim nor too big. In addition, we often feel less compelled to adopt the animal that, say, has a missing leg, a stubby tail, or another physical anomaly.

Perhaps that’s why Lady in a Fur Coat “Lady” the cat had difficulty finding a home of her own. The feline had to have both of her ears removed due to hematomas and chronic infections. Without her characteristic, triangular ears, she certainly stood out from the rest. In turn, the Dane County Humane Society in Madison, Wisconsin had to work a little harder to get someone to finally adopt her, regardless of her newfound good health and what rescue workers believe to be even better hearing now that her infections were cleared.

So, to help the healed kitty, Ash Collins, a staff member at the Dane Humane Society, crocheted a custom-fit pair of purple-and-white ears for Lady. The adorable, handmade ears wrapped snuggly around the gray cat’s head to keep in place.

After a photo of Lady surfaced the Web of her wearing her “new” ears, the Internet immediately fell in love with her. The post went so viral that the missing-earred feline ended up getting adopted the very next day!

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“I was more than happy to use my crochet skills to help Lady stand out and get the second chance she deserved, and I’m so honored to be a small part of her happy ending,” Collins shared. “Staff and volunteers at Dane County Humane Society consistently go above and beyond for the animals in our care.”

It’s so great to hear that Lady now has a forever home, partially thanks to Collins! Although Lady may have a unique difference from other cats, her eventual adoption proves that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel for other critters out there who may also be considered “unusual.” In my opinion, all animals deserve a home they can call their own, even those who have something that sets them apart from others!


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