Beautiful Cardinal Attacks His Own Image In The Mirror Each Day

May 8, 2018 VIDEOS


They say the toughest obstacle to overcome is ourselves! In this video, you will see a beautiful cardinal who has it out with his own image each day. No matter how much he attacks or tells this “other” bird off, he always comes back the next day for more. You will love seeing this bird attacking himself in the mirror. Maybe one day he will learn it is just his image.

Someone decided to put up this mirror to see how birds would react. Looking to protect his domain, this male cardinal refuses to allow another bird to step in his territory. It must be so frustrating to him to try and scare the bird away, only to have him return again and again! What a funny video this is to watch. If you are a bird lover, this cardinal is surely going to make you smile. Check him out in all his glory and make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.

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