A Bear Is Hidden In Plain Sight. Can You Find It

August 26, 2018 Videos

It’s proven that mind games make you smarter. Things like optical illusions, magic tricks, and even something like Finding Waldo, are challenges that the brain needs to thrive. It’s just like your body. Just like our bodies need physical exercise to remain healthy and in check, our brains need mental exercise to stay sharp and focused. Everything about the human mind/body goes hand-in-hand.

With that said, here’s a question for you: How do you challenge your brain? Do you sit down and work on a Sudoku puzzle? Do you do a quick word search in the middle of the day, helping you get away from the hustle and bustle of work? Or, do you indulge in optical illusions?

If you say “optical illusions,” then you’re in the right place, because below is a video that will give you 10 optical illusions that will leave you flabbergasted! How does it work? Here its goes.

There are a series of 10 photos that look like your average photo with nothing hidden within. But, that’s the catch. If you look closely, there is an animal hidden in each slide. The video is made in a way that it gives you 30 seconds to find the hidden animal. 30 seconds later, if you’re able to spot it, one point! For those who gave up, the next slide gives the answer away.

What do you think?