Baby Is So Sleepy, Mom Runs For The Camera To Capture How The Dog Helps Him Sleep

October 27, 2018 VIDEOS


Children have a set bedtime for a reason—it’s so important for infants and toddlers alike to take routinely naps and sleep early at night so they get ample rest. It’s when they sleep that they also grow the most as well. Although sleeping is so crucial for them, it’s evident that they don’t necessarily enjoy nap times, or when they have to cut their playtime short, in order to go to bed early at night.

If you’re a parent, you know that some kids will do pretty much anything and everything to stay up late, or avoid that afternoon nap. And it seems like the toddler in the video below is trying to something similar, but the only difference is that he’s not giving any excuses.

While sitting on the floor, this little boy is trying his bestest to stay awake with his best friend, the family dog. The pup looks on as the boy tries to keep his eye wide open. It’s hilarious when he starts to sway back and forth—that’s when you know that sleep is winning over the will to stay awake longer.

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