Baby Goats Spread Happiness With Hilarious Acrobats

October 4, 2018 VIDEOS


Kittens and puppies may hold our hearts because of their sheer cuteness. But if you’ve ever seen baby goats, then you know that they rank extremely high on the cuteness scale. Maybe they aren’t quite as cuddly as a kitten or as innocent as a puppy, but they have charming personalities that just make you fall in love with them. They are animals that love to adventure, and they are absolutely cute while doing it! And it doesn’t take much – a few toys in the backyard will have them jumping for joy.

Perhaps that’s what is so delightful about these little creatures. They can find real amusement in the simple things of life. Watch this fuzzy goat’s meeting with the family dog. Both the pup and the goat interact enthusiastically while they aren’t quite sure how to get used to each other. But baby goats are ready to make friends with anyone – whoever is energetic enough to keep up with their running, jumping and curious ventures.

Now watch two goats battle for the best spot on the farm – right on top of the playhouse. Goats are not very confrontational in nature, but when they get with a playmate, they aren’t afraid to show their stuff. Especially these two rambunctious goats in the video below. You are going to love this adorable baby goat highlight reel because it will get you chuckling at all of the antics that baby goats like to pull off. It’s no wonder this video has been watched over 29 million times!

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