Baby Girl Won’t Stop Crying Until Dad Turns To Husky To Show Off Her Special ‘Trick’

September 21, 2018 VIDEOS


When you’re the parent of a small baby, sometimes you need special techniques to help them stop being fussy. Rocking them might work – but occasionally you break out the creativity and try things like car rides or even the soothing white-noise of a vacuum cleaner. However, those aren’t the only things that do the trick!

The dad in the video below has a very unique way of getting his baby girl to stop crying. However, he doesn’t do it alone. In order to help his 4-month-old Abby dry her tears, he enlists his Siberian Husky Sophie to be his “right-hand man.” With the baby crying in her walker dad starts filming. He says, “Sophie, help Abby stop crying.” Now it’s time to see what this Husky can do…

Right as Sophie hears her name, her ears perk up. Dad then asks, “Can you howl for her?” Immediately the dog throws back her head and begins howling, creating a sound that the baby finds hypnotic. Almost instantly Abby becomes distracted by the howling and turns to look at Sophie. It’s like magic as she calms down in her bouncer, with dad telling his Husky “Good job.” It’s really interesting to watch and you can see this trick in action in the video below!

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