Baby girl gets first hearing aids, giggles uncontrollably after hearing sister’s voice

November 17, 2020 VIDEOS


A deaf child recorded an emotional moment when he first heard his sister’s voice. Baby Scarlet is hard to hear from birth. Scarlett was born three months prematurely due to an intestinal illness. He was treated with antibiotics, but later the doctors realized that it was affecting his hearing.

Today, this beautiful girl is at the Atlanta Hearing Association in Georgia to get a hearing aid. Just sit on your mom’s lap and watch this amazing moment while the device is turned on. Sister Scarlett stood in front of her and spoke. This cute baby almost immediately began to smile and smile.

This is how Scarlett’s mother first saw her child. Until now, his family did not know how bad his hearing was. He used to react to noise, but he never said so.

CBS News

I just can’t laugh. Scarlett is of course a big fan of her sister, and this joy is really infectious. It was probably the sweetest song my mom has ever heard. It’s good to see this special moment unfold before our very eyes.

I’m so glad that Scarlett was able to hear the wonderful sounds of life, like her sister’s voice. This memory can now be recorded and stored for years. Who else is smiling so broadly now?

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