Baby Gets An Adorable Crawling Lesson From Family’s Jack Russell Terrier

November 10, 2018 VIDEOS


Some first-time mothers and fathers fear to put their babies around their pets for the very first time. One often doesn’t know what to expect either of the two to do when they meet. Common concerns that arise are whether the baby will pull the cat’s tail and get clawed or if the baby will get trampled on by the family dog. It’s all apart of protecting young children from potential harm; that’s a parent’s job. After all, we have all heard horror stories about babies needing stitches because of an accident with an animal.

However, one also knows that sometimes babies and animals can be the perfect duo. Our pets often become protective over our children, try to care for them as their own, and even run into the room when the baby is crying or in danger, alerting us in the process of the so-called threat. Many babies are also very fond of our pets.

In a gone-viral video with 11-month-old Danni and Jack Russel Terrier Simba, there is no cuter relationship. Danni is learning how to crawl, and the pup caught on fairly quickly. In response, Simba decided it would be appropriate to instruct the baby on stepping up his crawling game!

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