Baby Elephant Clumsily “Dives” In For Bath Time And No One Can Hold Back Their Laughter

October 13, 2018 VIDEOS


Try getting a cat into the tub for bath time – good luck! Or getting a husky or another big dog to simmer down long enough to get him clean. Nice try! Some animals just don’t like bath time. They don’t want to get wet or clean and have a severe aversion to bubbles and soap and the like! It’s in their nature to run away from water and soap and all that other fun stuff, and you just can’t help the fact that some days, they may have to go without a bath (as bad as that may sound!). They’ll do anything they can to get out of it, bark, back up into a corner, howl, and generally, just make a big scene.

But then there are some who just love sudding up! The cool water and human contact feel good. Once you relax and realize that bath time isn’t the end of the world, it’s like a mini-spa!

At the Ayutthaya Elephant Palace & Royal Kraal in Thailand, there’s a baby elephant named Double Trouble. While I’m sure there’s a good story behind how he got his name, after watching this, you’ll know why the name stuck! This little (ok, little for an elephant, but still pretty darn big otherwise!) gentle giant is full of life and wonder, curious about how the world works around him. He likes to splish splash and doesn’t care if he makes a mess. The water in the tub just feels too good!

Source: metaspoon

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