Baby Donkey’s Sad Missing Mom Only To Have The Sweetest Reaction When He Looks Through Gate

January 11, 2019 VIDEOS


When Janine Guido was told that a baby donkey and his mother had been “rescued” by an anonymous benefactor who didn’t actually know how to care for these animals, she was asked to step in and take over. An adorably fluffy baby donkey named Colonel Sanders came home with her to Speranza Animal Rescue, but Janine was informed that his mom, Mary Poppins, was slated to be taken in by a different rescue organization.

Although Colonel was being well taken care of at Speranza, the poor little guy couldn’t understand why mom had suddenly disappeared from his life. Most people would agree that babies, even the furry donkey kind, need the love and nurturing that only their mothers can provide. Sadly, it was the one thing Janine couldn’t give him, and it broke her heart every time she heard him cry out in desperation for his mama to come back for him.

Colonel was safe and sound in his new digs, but the depression set in as soon as he realized mom wasn’t going to come and whisk him away. He refused to play or get along with the other farm animals, and no matter how many times he cried out for her, mom never answered his desperate pleas.

Then one day the sweet donkey noticed that Janine was walking alongside a familiar figure, and that’s when his attitude completely changed. Colonel bounded up and down with excitement around the fence in order to get a closer look at the farm’s new rescue. His reaction when he saw his mom running towards him is unbelievable, but wait until you hear how Mary Poppins reacts to seeing her precious baby, too!

The two let out cries of joy and were “talking” donkey to each other nonstop. Since the reunion, Mary and the Colonel are practically joined at the hip. They love to eat carrots together, and even though they each have separate feed buckets to nibble from, they insist on stuffing their snouts into the same one! Janine says the closely knit pair always keep each other near.


he down-and-out baby who was too afraid to make friends with the other farm animals is now chasing them around like a wild donkey, and even the farm’s resident kitty isn’t quick enough to escape his cute clutches!

“Putting forth all the effort of getting Mary and Colonel back together again was definitely worth it. Animals definitely a hundred percent with no doubt feel emotions, go through the same emotions as humans, go through a healing process just like us.”

So, what’s in store for these two characters in the future? Well, the sanctuary is now their home, and according to Janine, it always will be.

This mom and baby reunion is simply heart-melting.


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