Baby Boy Shows Unmatched Excitement When He Meets Corgi Puppies

October 19, 2018 VIDEOS


I remember my very first encounter with a dog. Before this mishap, I had always seen one from afar (like across the street from me) and had never been up close and personal. I was once going door-to-door collecting money for a school fundraiser, right on my street, when I approached a home that I knew housed a dog. I rang the doorbell and instantly heard loud barks and a light pitter-patter coming straight towards the front door. How bad could it be, I thought to myself. The homeowner took a little bit of time getting to the front door, and I can hear the dog inside barking and then making its way back to whatever he was doing. It probably figured that the stranger at the door, me, was gone.

Then, the owner opened the door and I started my explanation of why I was at their door, right before supper, asking for donations. As I’m explaining more about our fundraiser, all I see behind the woman at the door is her big, white dog charging towards me. He had this look in his eyes and he lept in the air as he approached the front door. I instantly dropped all my forms, and the money that I had collected, and ran for my life.

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