Autistic boy fails many exams – Then teacher sends parents letter that’s winning everyone’s hearts

May 27, 2018 VIDEOS


Most people around the world can remember having a special teacher in school, one who made them feel worthy and able to achieve great things.

There are some incredible teachers who go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that a struggling pupil is recognized for his or her strong points and that one’s effort truly matters during challenging exams and schoolwork.

One such teacher happens to come from the United Kingdom’s Lansbury Bridge School and Sports College in St Helens, Merseyside. It is a special school that allows each individual to pursue his or her own method of learning and to go at their own pace.

According to the school, each student there has SEN or an EHCP. That means that the child or adolescent requires unique learning instruction and/or has special medical needs.

In addition, a majority of the Lansbury Bridge School and Sports College students have been diagnosed on the autism spectrum.

A handsome 11-year-old boy named Ben Twist learned an excellent lesson when he recently failed his exams.

The assistant headteacher, Ruth Clarkson, understood his frustration and disappointment. Young Ben has autism and his condition can present a variety of challenges when it comes to studying and taking tests. He felt defeated.

Ms. Clarkson thought she would help Ben realize that passing tests is not everything in life. Her compassion is deep for her students, and she wanted to go a step further to allow Ben to feel validation as a good pupil. That is when she took pen to paper and created an uplifting message for Ben and the rest of the Twist family.


When Ben’s mother Gail Twist went to her mailbox to check for bills and other routine items one day, she noticed a letter from the school addressed to Ben and his family.

What an awesome piece of news it was!

The letter went on to tell Ben Twist that the test scores which he failed are not the entire picture of his abilities, attitude, and talents.

Ms. Clarkson highlighted his other assets at school; some of these include his musical and artistic talents, his ability to work well with his classmates in a team environment, his excelling at sports, his kindness, his awareness of how he is developing in the school program, etc.

Mrs. Twist was blown away by the letter and the school’s keen perspective that all students are worthy and that it doesn’t matter if they learn at different rates and in different ways.

Mrs. Twist went on social media site to share a photo of the amazing letter that was sent to Ben. She also gave high marks to the school and this special teacher for her compassion and intelligence in understanding a young person’s spirit, character and determination to succeed.

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