Audience Giggles When Little Boy Sneaks A Kiss But Performance Turns Leaving Everyone Sobbing

July 8, 2019 VIDEOS


Ice skating requires a lot of balance and knowledge, because we are in contact with ice only with blades on skates. Some of talented ice skaters go even a step further – they show their talents at figure skating.

In this category is also a boy and a girl from Russia who stole all the attention with their performance at one of the competitions last year.

Their mentor and teacher is professional art skater Ilya Izyaslavovich Averbukh from Russia, who in won the silver medal at the Olympic Games in 2002.

With their performance, the boy and the girl impressed many people at the beginning. In the background, the world famous hit “Hallelujah” started to play, and then the boy gave a sneaky kiss to his friend. Many were giggling at this scene, but in the next seconds they experienced another positive surprise.

The little girl performed the dance with excellence together with the boy, and the video recording of their performance immediately became a sensation on the web.

When you see how the boy and the girl from Russia danced on the ice while the song “Hallelujah” was playing in the background, you will also agree with the claim that their dance performance was pure poetry!

Source: klipland

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