Annoying Parrot Keeps Bothering The Poor Cat. Seconds Later, He Fails Miserably

February 9, 2018 VIDEOS


Watch this video fast, because it’s one of the cuter ones you haven’t set your eyes on yet!

As ironical as it is, it’s not so uncommon for animals of very different species to forge a cute, strange bond these days.

We have seen dogs and cats having a good time together, ducklings and pigs snacking together, birds giving out some meals to dogs and many more than we can count.

But what if we could capture a cat’s moment with a bird as featured in their old kind of relationship. Those kinds of relationships where an annoyed cat snuggles just to keep away from a nagging bird! This well-captured clip takes all this to another level and what you see her will blow you away!

You see the bird in its jovial moods trying to get the cat to rise up to the occasion and get friendly, but the cat isn’t falling into those kinds of moods any time soon, so it does something to “calm” the situation. The cute cat just moves away!

You have to admit this is unlike anything we have seen yet. Just watch and decide for yourself!

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