Andrea Bocelli Sings In Empty Church When He’s Joined By Angel For Duet Leaving All Breathless

December 10, 2018 VIDEOS


It would be foolish to try to define the “purpose” of art and what makes an artist, but one look at the latest video from a legendary opera singer tells you for certain this is art.

The music video is, itself, an art form that is on the decline. Some 20 years ago, one of the biggest television shows in the United States was a live show that counted down the most requested videos of the day. Today, you’re hard pressed to find a music video on television anywhere anymore.

However, thanks to the miracle of YouTube, artists are able to record and present their music videos directly to their fans. Rather than trying to land on a TV countdown show, artists like legendary opera singer and songwriter Andrea Bocelli can just make something beautiful.

Made in support of the original song “Ave Maria Pietas,” the video uses contemporary dance to tell a story whose meaning is open to interpretation.

The two dancers recreate, at various points in the video, the iconic Michaelangelo sculpture the Pietà, depicting Mary’s sorrow at her son Jesus’s death. Interestingly, the female dancer takes the place of Jesus and the male dancer supports her body in the place of Mary.

The two dancers are alone in a beautiful, empty church, joined only by Andrea Bocelli, who sings while kneeling in a pew.

The song comes from his newest album. It’s his first original work in decades and features a number of duets with notable figures in pop music. Bocelli’s return to the music business came with the help of Ed Sheeran. Bocelli’s version of one of his songs went viral, introducing a whole new generation to his work.

Despite not putting out new material for years, Bocelli still consistently performs. During that time, he and his producers and fellow songwriters wrote songs but never recorded them. These songs are what make up his new record, Sì.

This song is a duet, his first with Russian soprano Aida Garifullina, a rising star since her turn onstage with Robbie Williams at the 2018 World Cup opening ceremony.

Aida enters the song about halfway through the video, her voice a powerful and lovely response to Bocelli’s sonorous tenor.

As their verses grow more and more fervent, the dancers match their intensity with a performance that overtakes their whole bodies. Eventually, though, Bocelli and Aida meet at the altar, backlit by a halo of sunlight.

On the new album, Bocelli performs with Sheeran again, Josh Groban, Dua Lipa, and his son Matteo, also an opera singer.

Despite pulling back from the spotlight a bit over the last few years, the 60-year-old Andrea Bocellia has not lost a single step. He sings as beautifully and powerfully as ever, and he continues to create great works of art.

Watch the stunning and powerful video below:

Source: Faithtap

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