Amish Schoolteacher’s Tired Of Her Look Shows Off Transformation & Leaves Room Without Words

December 3, 2018 VIDEOS


Sarah, 21, has grown up living the “simple” Amish lifestyle, yet there’s always been a part of her that is adventurous and carefree. Although happy with her day-to-day life, Sarah is eager to change the look of her locks – and Theodore Leaf is ready to lend a helping hair hand!

Theodore is a stylist with Glamour Magazine’s “Bad Hair Day,” a show in which a deserving woman is nominated and selected to enjoy a complete “glam makeover.” In the following clip, Theodore and his team of cameras sneak into Sarah’s kitchen to surprise her with a much deserved style transformation…and “the after” is certain to blow your bonnet!

The look on Sarah’s face when she spies the cameras is classic! She is completely astounded at the strangers walking into the inn armed with cameras and microphones.

When she realizes why they’re there, she can’t believe it! Sarah is floored by the revelation and the fact that she’s about to become the next makeover subject.

Sarah shares with the cameras, “I pretty much just had a boring life. Just small town – Amish on top of that.” She then goes on to explain her Amish cap, “You always just wear the cap, and your hair is just flipped up in a barrette. It’s an act of modesty.”

As Sarah stands in front of the full length mirror, she gently pulls the cap from her head, and Theodore exclaims, “Look at all this hair that was hiding under here!” It’s astonishing how much hair Sarah was able to cram up in her bonnet!

As the makeover begins, Sarah explains to Theodore that although she typically wears her hair pinned up underneath the cap, during Rumspringa she’s able to “let her hair down!” Sarah shares, “The Rumspringa thing is when you have this period of time as an Amish, and you get to choose if you want to be Amish or not.”

She goes on to say, “During that time you get to experiment – and by experiment I mean like doing your hair and wearing different clothes.” This may not be the first time Sarah has “experimented” with her hair, but one thing is for sure – she’s never done anything THIS extreme.

Theodore starts out working with her hair for the makeover. Sarah is all smiles as she watches him in the mirror work his magic.

With a light splash of lip color, Sarah looks like a completely different person! As a crowd gathers around for her big reveal, everyone cannot stop smiling and grinning!

Watch below to see Sarah’s stunning, not-so-Amish after look – and everyone’s reactions to it (including her own)!


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