Amazing Video Shows Mama Moose Giving Birth To Twins!

January 13, 2017 VIDEOS


The mama moose in this video went through a lot to have her babies! As you will see, she groans and moans and does everything she can to make sure she is able to push out her babies. No one knew she would end up giving birth to more than one! This moose is a champ all the way through the delivery of both babies and it is amazing to watch!

Seeing these moose being born is a true miracle. This mama moose went through labor much like human women do but she was brave the entire time. By the looks of things in this video, this moose is going to be one amazing mom! She so gently cares for her little ones once they come out and they are so adorable! Make sure you watch the entire video so you can see the cuties and Please SHARE on Facebook with your friends.

Levi Perry

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