I Almost Cried Watching This Dog’s Last Day To Live – What Do You Think?

January 25, 2017 VIDEOS


The masters of Jett were forced to have him put to death humanely after he was found to have a severe illness. In this recording, you will see Jett having fun with his master, Parker Ray, on his last day breathing. Jett eats French fries, hamburger and enjoys the sugary vanilla milkshake.

Watching this clip might make you sad as it is so cute. The gaze on Jett’s face is sufficient to make you cry. His master needed to make this recording so as family and pals would memorize him when he was cheerful.

Appreciatively, his masters did the right thing, so he did not have to experience damages of the illness. This is a clip that just gets sweeter each time you watch it. This is an exceptional day that the dog and his owner had.

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What do you think?