After Having Three Boys They Decided To Try One More Time For A Girl, But Mom’s Belly Kept Growing

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Chloe Dunstan could not have been happier. She was married to her best friend Rohan and together they had three beautiful boys. They also had made a home together and spent time with their extended family and lots of friends. There was just one thing missing from Chloe’s vision of a perfect life – a baby girl. Rohan was hesitant to try for another child because the odds of them having a girl were still only fifty-fifty, but Chloe kept asking him to do it and eventually she got her way.

So with the intention to create a family of five with a little girl added to their brood, Rohan and Chloe got to work trying to get pregnant. Only a few weeks later, Chloe got a pregnancy test and waited anxiously for the results. Rohan heard her squealing with glee from the bathroom and knew that the good news had come through. She ran into the room and showed him the stick. She was pregnant.

But that’s when things did not happen as expected. Although Chloe’s belly kept growing and growing, it grew much faster and the pregnancy took a bigger toll on her wellbeing than it ever had for their three sons. Rohan was growing concerned and worried that something might be wrong. Her hormones were out of control, and her cravings were out of this world.

When the time came for them to go to the doctor, they were ready to learn why this pregnancy was so different from the last three. But it wasn’t the doctor who told them why it was the ultrasound technician. Chloe wrote about her intense experience on her Facebook page called Chloe and Beans.

“We went into the ultrasound, and the tech started the scan. I was looking at the screen, and I was pretty sure I could see two sacs. But I just thought ‘no way.’ After a little bit of scanning, she finally said to us, ‘I’ll tell you what I can see. I see one baby over here.’ And then she quickly moves the wand over and said, ‘and another baby over here.’”

Chloe was speechless. She was both overjoyed and overwhelmed. It was hard enough raising one baby let alone two at the same time.

“I started crying and shaking. I said, ‘do you mean like, twins?!’ I couldn’t believe it at all. I looked at Ro, and he just looked like he had no idea what was happening. Then she moved the wand to show us something between the two babies (that) she had already shown us. She said ‘and there’s a third one!’”

In a matter of five minutes, Chloe’s dream of a family of six was dashed. And then her idea that they’d have a family of seven was dashed. In the end, they needed to get ready to bring three new babies into their family.

After a successful pregnancy, Chloe welcomed all three newborns into her family. The family finally had the baby girl they wanted. They named her Pearl. But they also got two more boys, Rufus and Henry.

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