Adorable Dog Sees Snow For 1st Time, And His Wild Reaction Is Warming Everyone’s Hearts

April 12, 2018 VIDEOS


You haven’t watched anyone have some real fun until you see this video of a dog enjoying the snow. The dog is a corker spaniel, and he doesn’t care whether or not he’s being filmed in action. All he wants is to have a lasting feel of the snow outside on the sidewalk.

The dog, named Truffle, has quite an active personality. See how he runs on the sidewalk amazed at the beautiful snow. He’s probably wondering where the heck this stuff came from, but you can guess that it doesn’t bother him much. He just wants to slip and slide in it. He’s so happy, he sometimes almost loses control!

You see, corker spaniels are a really cute breed. In fact, it’s the dog of choice for the Royals. Can you imagine that! Prince William and Duchess Kate have a corker spaniel! So you can guess that this smart dog is just cool and smart.

Click on the clip here and watch him play in the snow. You’ll love the action.

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