They Adopted Orphaned Baby Deer – Moment They Introduce It to Their Cat Has Everyone in Awe

March 19, 2018 VIDEOS


If you have a kid in the house and you happen to have an urge to adopt a pet, your first thoughts are all about whether or not the pet in question will get along with your child. More often than not, the pets do get along quite well with the kids. We’ve seen pets become best friends with kids. But what if you’ve a pet already, and then you decided to adopt another pet of an entirely different species?

You can imagine the kind of expectation this couple had when they adopted this deer. Tony and Amanda had found Hoppy all alone, abandoned and hurt. They took him home and nursed him, and then they adopted him. However, they had no clue about what Hoppy might like. That’s until they realized that Hoppy had quite a thing for cats. Now this is new!

The video here features Hoppy having his happy moments with the family cat. From the looks of it, you can tell just how much this deer likes the cat. See how he licks the feline! That’s just nice!

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